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How to turn your threesome desires into awesome! Just add a plus one. Not so easy you say ?

But it actually is if you take the first step. You see mostly asking in the real world at a bar or nightclub or your girlfriends best friend can be awkward and messy. Right ? Well here at Red Door Agency we make it easy, simple and fun. We offer a selection of incredibly hot plus ones who are genuine lovers of sexy combos.

Perhaps your desire is a girl to join you and your girlfriend or two girls to adore and lavish your hunky sexy self or you want to unleash your inner voyeur and spend the night watching your very own live “two girl action” show.

Whatever your fantasy Red Door Agency has you covered. Start slow, dip your toe into the fantasy before diving in head first with your real life partner. The last thing you want is your deepest fantasy you’ve held on to for so long to be squashed into a heap by a unwilling partner. Who may just quell your sexy superstar self into a blubbering mess of feeling crazy for bringing it up in the first place. So, the trick to satisfying your desires is communication, and test the idea out first. We are here to share your ideas with and set up your play date exactly how you decide. Ignite your desires with confidence and allow us to make your dreams a reality.

Get juicy with the details. The more you share the greater your experience. Let us know what aspects of the threesome really get you going. Figure it out, talk it out with us and do t forget to explain your boundaries. Especially if you decide you and your life girlfriend are journeying together with your plus one into awesome threesome sex magic for the first time.
Red Door Agency select only the finest of Sydney’s companions who are well educated, talented and have beauty beyond comprehension. They are exquisite in nature, friendly and open minded to explore boundaries in a fun and safe manner.

Talk to us, let us make it happen today. Friendly experienced phone operators waiting to answer your call..

02 0799 2882 / 0488 551 025


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