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Cuddle-Buddy Oscar

Hey there. Open to all body types and age groups. I do this work cause I like it, so feel free to text me as I'm happy to hear from you! Please don't call though as I won't answer. :)

I'm a nice, down to earth, Malaysian/Caucasian boy who loves to cuddle. I'm open to discuss any kinks or fetishes you might have. I'm very open minded and accepting, so feel free to let me know exactly what you'd like. Whether it's simple and straight forward, elaborate, or downright weird, I'm happy to discuss it with you! :)

If you would like me to cum in any of our sessions, please let me know beforehand so I can organize a day where I only see you, or I can make sure I see you last in the day. The honest truth is though I actually prefer not to cum at all, so don't feel bad about that! It turns me on to exist exclusively for your service and pleasure, so feel free to just relax and enjoy. :)

Also, regardless of what session you get my service tends to start with naked cuddling and a bit of chatting until we're both comfortable. If you're not interested in that sort of thing and you'd prefer to get straight to business, let me know beforehand. :)

Bear in mind I may not be able to see you on short notice. If you can book me a couple days to a week in advance I'll be much more likely to be able to see you. Feel free to test your luck if you wanted to see me asap though.

RATES: (outcalls: +$50)
$100/h or $500/n - Cuddle session. If you're just looking to relax with some intimacy, naked skin contact and pillow talk, this is the session for you. Please bear in mind that while you can touch me however you like, this is a relaxed session and it does not involve sex! You can masturbate though, if you like. It can be a good way to get to know me to see if we click. You can upgrade to another session at any time, though bear in mind if you wanted the full service session I will only be able to top as I wont have cleaned out inside with water prior.

$200/h or $750/n - Oral session. Oral, handjobs, massages, and general fooling around. If you were happy to have play session with me that doesn't involve penetrative intercourse, this is the session for you. I love sucking cock and am happy to service you in any way you desire.

$300/h or $1000/n - Full service. If you wanted to fuck me, or for me to fuck you (or both!), this is the session for you. It also includes anything covered by the $200/h session. If you have a particularly kinky request it may fall into this category too, however I'm pretty open minded and a lot of stuff might be covered by a cheaper session, so inquire inside.

***If you would like to get into contact with me, please TEXT! I may not respond to other methods of contact!!***

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