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Rezerected "Laying Of Hands" Massage M2M only & Escorting

Hi I'm Allan. aka (Husten).

I follow the Dream Walker - Dream Warrior shamanic befliefs. I offer light counseling Of The Holy Spirit. We work on re-alining your Body-Mind, Soul & Spirit. Freeing you from any chains Death/karma may have on you and curses.

Travel your execape as I work your body, fighting beside you on your spiriual walk. I welcome/pre-pare paths of divinity and our own colenyies Life Spark (The Torch Of Life) a rejuvenation (cleanse-refresh). I also realign your sharkras and your center.

Body pre Massage Check 5 min.. Free

Neck, Shoulders & Back 30min. .... 35$
Full body 60 min... .... 65$
Detailed full body 90 min... .... 100$
Sensual massage 60 min .. .... 85$
Mutual Naked .. .... 10$

Due to pvtcy reasons I cannot ask for sexual clients but I am OPEN to clients & their needs. (Love is their).
24 hours-7 days. Avaiblitiy "to suit you".
Out calls call out cost............. 40$
In calls ...... ...... ... 00$

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