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Man looking for good woman

I absolutely love oral sex whether it's giving or receiving
I like to get to know the girl I'm with likes and turn ons and dislike because it's 11 vital that I know how to make my girl
I my myself absolutely loved and so turned on but making my girl come closer we get the more I get to know you easier I'll be able to make you come multiple times that's my ideal should know each other well enough after a while we don't need to tell each other what to do not saying you can't but what turns me on is a girl being excited about what she's doing with her man and turned on you more she loves what she's doing and I can see that the more excited I get and only when my girls completely satisfied
that's the right time for your woman to fully enjoy your orgasm I really really show how much you love you coming to see the difference feel the difference

more turned on the girl is rhe more I am.

I love seeing my girl excited uby what she is see or doing or receiving

I would love to hear from you sweetie good to know you a bit more and maybe have a little talk swap photos and it's like OK to each other let's go for it would love to hear from you sweetie
maybe have a little talk swap photos and it's we have physical attraction tjen it's really worth exploring and getting to know each other better

If you want the type of guy that always wants to eat your pussy then that's me
with me you're hardly ever have to ask me to go down there I want to eat you as much as you want me to
I'll do it for you you won't have to ask me very often if you do ever have to ask me I will never refuse.
is very important to make each other feel like king and queen

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