Transsexual | Brisbane
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Lila Brisbane

Come and lay yourself at My feet. Let go of who you think you're and yield to My will. Enter an interchange world... My World. Fancy woman Lila Payne The Bare Dominatrix I am that frequenting lady you think of as you lie alert at night, blood pumping, intellect racing-craving to submit...to be taken. I will open you up, thrust you advance, harmed you, bother and torment you sustain, compensate and possess you. I will offer your life reason. You've got found your Fancy woman. Sessions I am a prepared, talented and well prepared Fancy woman with a sharp instinct, a strict hand, and a commanding nearness. I will twist you and I will break you in. I conduct a wide assortment of sessions, whether you're a prepared slave or an supreme apprentice I will put you through.

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