27 years | Transsexual | Melbourne

8 inch super Top - Ms Faye 🇦🇺AUSSIE!!🇦🇺Large and In-charge 💋 Read on horny lads...

Genuine and no fuss wild (even mild) sessions. 0421 668 660

Heres an example - read without getting hard (if you can)!.

Youve been dreaming of this moment and finally it has arrived .
You reach my apartment and follow the easy instructions on how to get in. You find the door unlocked, so you curiously let yourself in.

It's dark. But dim lighting allows just enough to see your way to my bedroom. There's loud racy music and u make your way to my bedroom and place the very fair donation (250) on the bedside table.

On the bed you see some very sexy Victoria's secret underware picked out especially for you by Miss Faye. You out them on and instantly Ur submissiveness skyrockets.

Facing the door You get on your hands and knees on the bed and lube up your hole, awaiting the moment that miss Faye walks in, no words spoken, hard 8 inch Aussie cock pulsating ready for your throat and ass.

What happens next? Well let's find out (this is of course if U managed not to blow ur stack)

Sessions are fixed at 250 for one hour duration and include cumshot if possible
Location is Docklands Melb

*No filming unless instructed by you
** STI free and HIV negative (jan2020) no bareback or discussions of such.

**Coronavirus update - I will be taking bookings during this crisis. However I will not be taking bookings from international clients who have not completed 14 days self quarantine. Any bookings who present with symptoms will be terminated immediately without refund. If your sick guys, just stay home.
Full shower before and after required as well as no french kissing and as always no bareback services. Hand sanitizer is available at all times.
REMOTE/CONTACTLESS webcam & chat sessions now available for online booking.

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