20 MAY
45 years | Transsexual | Melbourne | South Melbourne
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Wintersports, anyone? It's also my birthday(ish)! 20% discount on all rates (to 12 June 2022)

*~* RATES (Winter is coming: 20% off until Sunday 12 June ) ^~^
30 minutes = $160 was $200
45 minutes = $240 was $300
60 minutes = $280 was $350
90 minutes = $400 was $500
120 minutes = $480 was $600


I'm not sure about you but when I arise from my slumber each morning I am at my absolute, virulent peak - my slender 6'4 frame springs out of bed with an athleticism and joie de vivre that would stiffen Usain's bolt and Give Novak's jock an itch that just couldn't be detained. I've even been known to get the blood pumping with passion through the William's Venus

Once my spring has sprung the day has now begun: after some seemingly random, yet purposeful stretches, I find my cigarettes of concentration and recommence my daily search for the ultimate coach...THE coach who will bring out the very best in me, lots of it, more than anyone was expecting at the time (oh, and a big OOPS, SORRY!!! To a certain someone… Isorry about the incident with the, um, 'glue'! I hope you're back to seeing the world in stereo again ;) )

In case The Coach is out there *flutters eyelashes* my skills and talents are...well endowed:

In the pool, I love all the strokes - top strokes, bottom strokes, back strokes, front strokes...oh, and I can hold in a lot of…oxygen, I and don't choke while competing ;)

In the field, my javelin is next level, and yes, officials allowed me to carry an oversized one. I can help you with your javelin technique - I know I can get you to your peak. I might be crazy, but I love being your target. I've also got a great reputation in shotput as I'm great with...anyway I digress.

Finally, the track. I don't run because screw that. Don't mind the odd marathon though - as long as my legs work at the end of it.
Don't forget the groups!


I know, I know! Shoosh JoJo!

How to meet need:
1. Scroll to pics
2. Find rates
3. Find phone number
4. Show me your appreciation face


Some of you want more of an experience than just a smash and dash, and some of you are doing the Star Trek thing, but hotter, and trans… and men HAVE been there before…but it's still intense because…well, fck social stigmatism. It's like "Star Trans: Very Warily Going Where Man Has Gone Before (and on the down low had a great time shhh).

I get it, and I want your experience to be just…effin grouse . Your safety and privacy are at the center of everything I do, and I bring a lot of personal and professional experience in my bag of…toys. Yes. I am very open minded, but more than that, I am super chill, I'm not judgmental, and I'm willing to give most things a go.*

So please say hi!!! <3
JoJo xxx

* Please, PLEASE talk to me BEFORE I give it a go! I need to know what I'm giving a go before I give that go a go…got it?

*~* RATES (Winter is coming: 20% off until Sunday 12 June ^~^
30 minutes = $160 was $200
45 minutes = $240 was $300
60 minutes = $280 was $350
90 m

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